Fishing Report

STRIPED BASS- Bass fishing in the CT River saw a small improvement this week, with schoolie bass for lure casters and some bigger fish for guys fishing with live bait. There were reports of school bass along the Rhode Island beaches crashing loads of sandeels. That same pile of bass seems to go from Wicopesset passage to the Race.

BLUEFISH- They're mixed with the school bass along the RI beaches.

FLUKE- Isabella Had a good week. We didn't hear much from Block or Montauk, but Rhode Island has had the bait this week, and the fish seem to be following. Reports from there indicate that large schools of sandeels and plenty of squid have the fluke biting.

PORGIES- They've been mixed with the sea bass, and now they seem to have filtered into many of their regular summer haunts as well.

SEA BASS- Still very good, with limits common, mostly in the mid western end of the sound. They're starting to filter into the rest of the sound now.